Quinoa is rich in B vitamins, nutrients that help treat age spots and other conditions related to skin pigmentation by reducing the deposits of dark melanin in the skin. And the Vitamin B12 interacts with the other B vitamins to maintain a healthy skin complexion.
Quinoa also contains tyrosinase inhibitors, enzymes that decrease pigmentation and the associated problems and the vitamin B3, also called niacinamide, helps treat acne

Vitamin A, which is the mother of all vitamins when it comes to delaying the aging process. It reduces fine lines and makes your skin look young. The riboflavin in quinoa (or vitamin B2) improves skin elasticity. It even treats acne – as it can help reduce sebum production.

Oh yes, we didn’t we speak about quinoa brimming with antioxidants? Yes, these fight the free radicals that are almost always responsible for early aging.





(Source: www.stylecraze.com)